With a passion for psychology, I have worked in several colleges in London. 
A qualified teacher, I was head of department in the last two colleges. 
I taught the full AQA A-level curriculum, developing lesson plans and schemes of work.
I tailor my lessons to ensure that each of my students reaches his or her potential. 
As a tutor, I have been supporting students at various levels, from GCSE, A-level, degree 
and up to masters degree. I help students to gain insights to improve their grades in exams
by providing detailed feedback on their coursework.

For over a decade. I have been priviledged to see my students develop the academic 
and research  proficiency to succeed. 
I have been reviewing and marking essays, dissertations and reports 
in psychology for 10 years. 
I also have 2 years experience in academic writing for established agencies.
I am currently writing a book.
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