Ka is a fourth year medical student studying at St.George's after intercalating for a BSc in biomedical sciences. He is looking to pursue a career in surgery, and after pursuing an anatomy-oriented research project last year, he is now actively involved in research. His topics of interests include surgery, education as well as healthcare improvement. He enjoys various roles in management and leadership at medical school. His most recent role was acting as the vice president of hte Hong Kong Medical Society of the United Kingdom and have lead events for both aspiring and current medical students. His academic works include peer-reviewed publications in cardiothoracic, plastic surgery and medical education.

He also has experience reviewing personal statements for medical/biomedical science courses and is well-versed in giving constructive feedback to help improve upon others' work. He offers essay structuring, grammatical help, essay trimming and guided reflective thinking to help develop personal statments based on students' unique experiences.


Top tip for first years: I would highly recommend getting involved in various societies early on, to both experience different parts of medicine as well as to grow your skillset and better prepare yourself for future challenges. These are not limited to only university societies but any roles that require leadership or management skills will be beneficial to your own development while boosting your CV!
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