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4th year medical student at Masaryk University (Czech Republic) - in London until 20/09 

In addition to my studies, I have developed a keen interest in both medical education and medical technology. I'm very passionate about giving back to the community, therefore I've taken on formal and informal roles as an active mentor and tutor to students of lower years. Transitioning from my secondary school education in London to a new country was not without its challenges. One of the most important skills which I've learnt in my education thus far has been perseverance, especially in adverse conditions. I'm always thinking about how I can contribute to existing projects and how I can further improve my own skill set. My blogging site was set up last year alongside paired social media platforms and I have plans to revamp it this summer with some exciting new content. (Facebook, Instagram)

My experiences with research:

  • EuroSurg: currently the local lead for the 2nd largest hospital in the Czech Republic and study coordinator for the COMPASS trial (Evaluating the efficacy of prophylactic abdominal drain placement after colorectal surgery)
  • Dissertation (in progress): A systematic review of the clinical anatomy of the shoulder region and the treatments for proximal humeral fractures

Current/past positions held within the University:

1. President of our student organisation - MIMSA

  • Given 15+ lectures to lower year students in various topics from Anatomy and Physiology
  • Created and implemented a mentor-mentee system similar to the "parent" systems adopted in the UK
  • Designed Anatomy MCQs and provided mock exam simulations
  • Implemented and led guided Anatomy dissection seminars and Histology slides seminars
  • Re-designed and partly coded our new website
  • Allocated a welfare department to the board to address welfare/mental health related student problems
  • Regularly liaise with our Dean, Vice Deans and department heads regarding complaints, feedback and suggestions
  • Communicate with our legal team and accounting team as we are affiliated with the medical faculty but officially registered as a non-profit organisation

2. Work with the faculty:

  • Student ambassador for the UK (guiding incoming students from the UK) - a programme which I recently proposed to the faculty
  • Consulting on branding (with the Department for PR and strategic affairs). The only student admin for our faculty Facebook and Instagram pages. 
  • Copy writing, proofreading and translating articles for the faculty website

3. Teaching assistant with the Department of Anatomy - letter of confirmation

4. MUN team organiser - MuniMUN

.Please view my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed summary.

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