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My name is Argha Datta and I’m currently a junior doctor working at The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

I have been a student ambassador for King’s, working as both a Higher Education Liaison Representative and a Widening Participation Officer, helping students from underprivileged backgrounds to gain access to higher education. I work as a peer reviewer for The British Student Doctor and have presented audits at national and international conferences for which I have won a couple of prizes. I have also been a tutor for our university's peer-assisted learning scheme (PALS) which regularly involved teaching medical students about topics encompassing the spectrum of clinical medicine.

Before coming to university, I attended the Manchester Grammar School where I achieved 12A*s in my GCSEs and did my A-levels in Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Here, I was involved in public speaking competitions for which I also won many prizes as well as mentoring students in various science subjects. 

By being a reviewer, I hope to give back to the community and help others who are either at or applying to medical school through constructive feedback on their essay or personal statement. Having gone through the process myself, I can relate to how daunting this may feel and hope to ease the process by providing advice and instilling confidence.

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