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South London Respiratory QI Collaboration

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 Trainees are often involved in QI projects and may help data collection for national clinical audit.  Respiratory registrars in South London rotate in April or October and sometimes will leave behind a project that requires more work. If trainees could share their projects on an online portal ideas would be shared, promoting good practice, and projects could be handed over to incoming trainees. 
The project started with a scoping phase.  An online survey was sent to all respiratory registrars in South London.  100% (13/13) showed interest in a platform to enable QI project collaboration. Platforms may exist in the Midlands and North London however no further details have been found. A platform exists for sharing research opportunities for anaesthetic trainees.  Remarxs is a platform for sharing academic projects, predominantly used in South London, and was chosen as the platform for this project. 
The implementation phase will include communication with all trainees in South London. 
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