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Scoping review to identify remote rehabilitation interventions that would be appropriate to use in COVID rehabilitation

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Many people who have been unwell with COVID-19 are suffering long-term problems with their fitness and ability to participate in usual activities of daily life. Symptoms include muscle weakness, breathlessness, changes in sensation, pain and fatigue. There are also effects on psychological and mental health. Rehabilitation could help with these issues. However, there are challenges in providing this rehabilitation because so many patients need to access these services and because face to face treatment is not always possible due to social distancing.
There has been increasing interest in remote rehabilitation interventions from researchers and App. developers in recent years. Remote interventions use technology such as video, smartphone applications and interactive conferencing (i.e. Zoom) to deliver rehabilitation programmes. 
We will search for evidence about remote rehabilitation interventions and application stores to identify existing remote interventions that might meet the needs of COVID-19 survivors. This information will allow rehabilitation teams to direct patients to suitable remote interventions. This may be needed to replace or to enhance their rehabilitation programme. 

We require 4-6 medical students to help with abstract screening and data extraction. No experience is necessary. 

Students required ASAP!
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