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STASHH Committee - Medical Student Representative

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The committee is looking to recruit a passionate and motivated medical student to help deliver the association's aims. The student should have a keen interest in sexual health and HIV medicine, and perhaps be considering a career in this field. The medical student should not be expecting to complete their medical degree in the next six months.

The role will encompass:
Promotion of education events, careers fairs, collaborative audits to fellow medical students.
Active participation in these events. There is an appreciation that the level of involvement may vary between medical students depending on background and experience.

What's in it for me?
Network with students and doctors alike with a common interest in sexual health.
Opportunity to develop strategic, leadership and events management skills while discovering more about sexual health and HIV.

The role will be re-advertised on a yearly basis.
We hope you will consider applying for this exciting role. 

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