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Paget’s Disease

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Paget’s disease is a common disorder of middle-aged and elderly patients that is characterized by excessive and abnormal remodelling of bone. Its radiographic features are virtually diagnostic and include an initial osteolytic phase, most common in the skull and tubular bones, and a subsequent osteosclerotic phase, particularly in the axial skeleton. An enlarged bone with increased radiodensity and an accentuated trabecular pattern is typical. Involvement of specific sites leads to characteristic radiographic signs, including the “cotton-wool” cranial vault and the “picture-frame” vertebral body. Complications associated with Paget’s disease are insufficiency fractures, neurologic symptoms and signs, skeletal deformities, neoplasms, and articular alterations. The most important articular abnormality associated with this disorder is degenerative joint disease, particularly in the hip and knee.
The candidate will learn the mechanics of putting together an electronic poster presentation in lecture type format.

This will be an official peer-reviewed publication.
The publication will be a favorable addition to the candidate's CV.
The candidate will be the first author, and I am the second author.
A candidate is not limited to completing one project. He/she can do as many as they like! (There are always topics to teach about)
The candidate, myself, King's College Hospital Department of Radiology and King's College all benefit from this publication.
Dennis K. Bielecki, MD
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