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Non-antibiotic Products to Prevent and Treat Urinary Tract Infections (NURTURE Study)

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This study looks at the use of non-antibiotic treatments for urinary tract infections. It aims to survey women’s knowledge of non-antibiotic products to prevent and treat UTI, their experiences using them and their attitudes to these kind of products in general. This information will help healthcare practitioners speak about these products to women with UTIs as well as help initiate better quality research about their use.

The study will be conducted in one NHS health board (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde), with participants from both hospital and community settings. It has two phases and is in four groups of women. 

Availability for up to 3 students and each can make one of the arms of the study as their own. Work invoves patient recruitment, collection of data and possible presentation at the end of recruitment. Support and guidance will be provided. 

This project has the advantage of having all the paperwork in place to start recruitment ASAP despite previous cautions and pauses with COVID. We hope to start recruitment at the beginning of September. As phase 1 is questionnaire based, it does not involve coming into close contact with participants and is a relatively simple study for beginners in clinical research to recruit to and make their own project.
Dr Priyanka Krishnaswamy
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