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Medical education research projects 2020

Medical students must have experience in publication and manuscript submission. If not, other academic opportunities exist, not limited to the projects below.

1 - Using lecture based simulation to educate pharmacists on clinical roles they can play 
-> data completion complete needs, submission. (Letter to editor)

2 - Incorporating red flag ideology into pharmacy curriculum (Letter to editor)
-. Draft complete, needs revision and submission

3 - Interprofessional education improves multi-disciplinary team work (original manuscript) - --> Draft completed, needs re-working and submission

4 - "Missing the point" - the role of interprofessional education in today's NHS
--> Draft complete, needs revision and submission

5 - Posterior circulation stroke - clinical examination and education 
--> Data collection complete, needs revision and submission

6 - Screening for adverse psychological ill health in medical students
--> Data complete, needs revision and submission

7 - A model for medical application courses: widening access to student participation
--> Needs revision and submission

8 - Incentives to increase medical student ECG interpretation (original manuscript)
--> Paper complete, needs revision and submission

9 - "Do as I say, not as a I sleep"
--> Needs data collection, draft manuscript complete, will need revision and submission

10 - Impact of waiting times on perception of care
--> Data collection completed, needs manuscript preparation, revision and submission
Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

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