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COVIDCollab: a panspecialty international collaborative project to determine point of care predictors of outcomes of COVID-19 infection

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This is the local arm of a panspecialty international collaborative project led by the Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative. This project utilises routinely collected data in order to understand how to best treat and care for those infected with Covid-19 of all ages.

This project aims to assess the following:
• Predictive data modelling using routine laboratory data and patient factors
• Medication utilisation and discontinuation
• Antibiotic prescribing processes
• Specific management of Covid-19 in frail older adults

We are collecting data on all patients admitted to Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital with COVID-19. We have so far collected data on approx. 700 patients. We are looking for further collaborators to collect new data on patients admitted in the past 2 months and to help with collection of outstanding data and data cleaning for patients admitted before this period.

All those contributing to study will receive a certificate of recognition. All publications arising from study will be published under a corporate authorship model
Rose Penfold
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Guy's Hospital
St Thomas' Hospital
King's College London
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