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Audit: Additional diagnostic confidence of MCUG for PUV in characteristic US features

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Posterior urethral valves are a common cause for bladder outlet obstruction in children. These can be diagnosed in utero and are associated with characteristic US/MCUG findings of a thick trabeculated bladder, dilated renal collecting systems bilaterally and a dilated posterior urethra. Traditionally both imaging techniques have been used to diagnose the abnormality in neonates prior to surgery, with the MCUG having the advantage of demonstrating the PUV directly during micturition views - however this examination incurs a radiation effect and is minimally invasive for the child. 

In this audit we perform a retrospective review of case notes for all patients with both US and MCUG for suspected PUV/hydronephrosis and determine whether there is an added benefit of performing the MCUG where US features are highly characteristic for the diagnosis.

This project will require a specially radiology trainee (ST3+ level) with interest in paediatric imaging to help perform retrospective data collection and analysis of results. They will have the opportunity to help design the study under supervision for a future publication.
Dr Susan Shelmerdine
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Great Ormond Street Hospital
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