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Assessing adherence to CPAP using the COM-B Framework

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This is a long term involvement (1 year) which requires a student who is interested in developing research skills from the off-set: hypothesis generation, proposal formulation, item design and development and implementation. Once ready our research will have ethical approval ready to go, and I will support statistical analysis.

This will form part of my PhD work, of which we will be publishing various aspects in parts; however, the focus of this work will be on developing long term research skills and not a quick turn over publication. Learning about these various aspects will be useful for an academic interview.

The team support this work will included:
Dr Deeban Ratneswaran
Professor Joerg Steier (KCL lecturer, Respiratory consultant)
Professor John Weinman (Clinical director, Institute of Psychiatry)

If you are interested in joining my team on this project, please apply here.
Dr Deeban Ratneswaran
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