Remarxs: About the Founders
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For those of you curious to learn a bit more about myself and Kevin. Read my blog on the beginnings of Remarxs, and here's a bit more info FYI.

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran: Co-founding COI ('chief of ideas')

South London, born and raised. Driven, ambitious, relentless, always learning. Gritty and resilient.

Doctor, president of an expanding international medical education company, teaching students from 8 countries across Europe. Critical interest in Public Health and health tech innovation. I've designed award-winning international research, previously winning national product design awards, and have many national/ international awards for epidemiological research and in education service delivery. I'm well published and have written medical textbook chapters. For more info, check out my LinkedIn profile. Google my full name Culadeeban Ratneswaran too.

Dr Kevin Dodd: Co-founding CG ('coding guru') 


Irish, tech, photographer, coder, with a serious eye for design (insta @photododd).

"After getting my bachelor in computer science in Maynooth Ireland, I travelled the globe before settling down as a computer support manager and later a computer developer within an international tech firm. I went back to university to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, serially creating successful apps for education and hospital service improvement. I have 
peer-reviewed publications on service improvement and quality control hospital initiatives, and co-ordinate international medical conferences, as the head of operations, and chief software engineer, at Osler's RoomI channelled my struggles of applying to medicine into developing Remarxs. We aim to help those with limited connections gain access to experts."

Why we work so well?

Kevin and I have contrasting skill sets.  

While I tend to be more outwardly innovative, with ideas for new terrain and growth; Kevin is continually thinking about how we can make what we have work more efficient and effective, inwardly designing software to be feature-rich, and better than existing alternatives.

No new ideas come to fruition without extensive but rapid critique by Kevin which forces us to derive increasingly better solutions to initial suggestions.

I'm always pushing what we have to the absolute limits, fixing in meetings, partnerships and stretching us;  while Kevin makes sure we do this sustainably, putting on the brakes when needed, allowing for total quality (and no less).

I have a very academic skill set, I like reading and information, whereas Kevin has a design-centric mindset, prefers videos and pictures. We see the world from different perspectives.

We both have "strong views, loosely held", changing opinion when the data, evidence or research proves us wrong. O
ur disagreements and conflict always lead to better ideas and innovation. 

We have both sacrificed a lot to try and get Remarxs running (even more than it appears), believing in the vision and giving Remarxs purpose.

We are business partners and friends, and our combined skill sets, trust in each others ability, and success in our areas of expertise will propel Remarxs to tremendous heights.

"Breaking down barriers to success"

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Originally published 10 November 2018 , updated 25/01/2020

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