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About me

I’m Chrishni, a lawyer by trade but currently work as a policy strategist for charities. I have always found the entrepreneurial world fascinating and recently started my own business based on one of my biggest passions – travel.

I am able to offer amazing deals as I operate as an ‘independent travel agent’. This means I call to obtain holiday deals directly from hotels and companies. Therefore you can purchase these while avoiding as much as 95% of the commission that large online travel companies would charge.

However as I liaise directly with hotels to obtain and advertise massive deals only, the deals I have apply to specific dates. So you will need to follow-me either on remarxs ( or instagram (@travelwithchrishni) to keep updated about new deals

In am currently offering holiday deals to the following locations (you are very unlikely to find a cheaper price for these anywhere on the net, even if calling the hotel directly!)


Mexico is a vibrant country steeped in complex history and politics. The sunny weather makes it a must visit destination for anyone that enjoys ‘hotel based holidays’ but also learning about history. It is predominantly Spanish speaking reflecting the conquering of Mexcio by Spanish travellers, but there remains a small but strong Mayan and Nahuatl community too.

Did you know, chocolate and avocado (my two favourite things) originated from Nahuatl.

Mexico - DEALS

Dream Sands Cancun Resort and Spa
4 star Hotel in Cancun, Mexico
16th to 23rd August 16, 2019
2 Adults, 7 nights, ALL INCLUSIVE
Partial Ocean View

My price: £1371.91 price £3192
Saving £1820.09

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Originally published 16 August 2019 , updated 22/08/2019

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