Downloading and using different font types for Remarxs blogging
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Hi all… thanks for blogging on Remarxs.

We recommend writing all blogs in Microsoft Word. We really like the ‘Raleway’ font, however if it is not already included in Microsoft Word, you can either download it, or use  ‘Helvetica Light’ or ‘Helvetica’. 'Cambria' is a call back option.



To download the Raleway font click this link to download it to your computer. Then to install it into Microsoft word, follow these instructions, depending on whether you use Windows or Mac.

Once installed you will be able to use Raleway. You can also use the same instructions to install any font into Microsoft Word in future. 


We hope those links were helpful.


The Remarxs Team

Originally published 20 March 2020 , updated 02/06/2020

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