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All set and ready to fly off to your elective? The elective is a fantastic opportunity to network, explore new medical health systems, but to also take some time off and rejuvenate!


Blogging about your elective is a great way to keep in touch with the rest of your cohort and share experiences. It's also a good habit to reflect on your experiences, as these are memories you will cherish for the rest of your life - believe me on that.



Remarxs are looking for medical students to create 200-400 word weekly blogs updating on what you’ve been getting up to! We’ll share these to our social media platforms so others can be inspired by what you’re doing. 

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What are the benefits of blogging with Remarxs?


High visibility


Where relevant, we will share any relevant blog to our other website, our twitter feed (@oslersroom and @remarxstech), facebook pages (@oslersroom @remarxstech), and instagram feeds - to give your blog exposure. Some of our blogs have reached thousands of views for this reason. ranks first on google for search terms such as 'med osce course London', or similar terms.

Create an internet presence


Once you create a Remarxs profile, this will begin to rank very highly on Google. For example, my profile ranks on the first page only after LinkedIn and Instagram - click here to see this.


All of your blogs can be easily viewed by a direct URL, which you can connect to your social media profiles. For example, I've attached my URL to this sentence - click here. Why not also attach it to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. It looks like this:


This URL will lead to your blog  page  which will look something like this:




Next steps

If this interests you, please apply to join via this link, where you will be in direct contact with the Remarxs team who can trouble shoot any issues.

Formatting your blogs

When you go to create your first blog, there will be a helpful link on how to format and get the most out of your blogs. But if keen, you can read more about this here under sections "formatting your blogs" and "how to add and change images"

Creating a series

When you have finished your blog there will be the option at the bottom to include a "series code". This is a code that you make up e.g. 'JoeBloggsElective'. Include this same code in all of the blogs you create and this will link your blogs together like a story book with different chapters, making it easier for your followers to read. 

E.g. they will display in order at the bottom of each blog similar to this:

Look forward to connecting with you, and happy blogging!

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Originally published 25 January 2020 , updated 26/01/2020

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