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Dear friends,


The situation


Amidst the current pandemic, and looming financial crisis, the educational sector has taken the biggest blow. Productivity has dropped by 90%, and the hardest-hit areas are those that are less affluent, where students have the least support., work review network and academic collaboration software, is in a unique position to be able to help increase productivity and support those that need educational help. Our goal has always been to reduce educational inequalities, and to give everyone access to the mentorship they need to be successful. There are a number of upcoming deadlines including university applications.

We are looking for as many current university students as possible to help those that need help by becoming a free “work reviewer on Remarxs”. Now we can’t promise you anything more than a certificate for your support, but the help you provide otherwise will be invaluable during the unprecedented situation.

Why are we doing this?


The role of Remarxs was always to level the playing field and help those less fortunate, even since its first inception. The COVID pandemic represents an urgent need to try to expedite this mission and we need your help! We are waiving all fees, commission, costs associated with using the site until the economy has recovered.

What you can do now


Add yourself as a reviewer

If supporting this initiative appeals to you, then please visit and sign up as a free reviewer in an area of your expertise. Once you have created a profile you will be guided through the website on how to do this, and you can set yourself up as a Reviewer in anything that you have expertise in.


Then in the next few weeks, students who need your help will start connecting with you, and you will receive an email notification when they do.

Take are more hands-on approach

If you want to set up a committee or society of your own, to help establish Remarxs' collaboration software within your local school or town, then please get in touch. We are more than happy to welcome you as a full part of the team onto our website.

How does becoming a Reviewer effect or benefit you


You are giving up your time to be part of a great cause, so naturally, you would want to know how this affects you. Apart from helping those in need of academic support during the COVID crisis click here to find out other benefits to joining Remarxs.

Already a user of the site?


If you are currently a Remarxs user and have created a 'job' which is paid i.e. anything >£0, in the next few hours we will make your paid jobs invisible from the site. Therefore if you want to continue to support this initiative please change your cost to zero. We will review this after the pandemic has settled and the economy has recovered.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions at all, about this initiative, please free to email me on or Whatsapp me on +447942681911

Thank you and good luck 

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Originally published 18 April 2020 , updated 18/04/2020

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