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University of Dundee Remarxs Committee

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Looking for students at the University of Dundee to join the University of Dundee Remarxs committee

What is it?
	• Online secure platform to connect university academics and students through research
	• Advertise research/audit projects, review papers and students can register their interest, apply and get accepted 
	• Connected to social media sites and everyone has a professional Remarxs 'profile'
	• Secure platform - messaging, uploading documents
	• Functions: 
		○ Group message
		○ Individual message
		○ Assign tasks
		○ Assign task status 

	• Free to use
	• Everything in one place instead of lots of emails back and forwards 
	• Increases opportunities for students and academic benefits by getting students
	• Industry level data protection - like Microsoft Teams
		○ Hosted on Microsoft Azure
		○ Only need to opt in to email communication

Who is involved?
	• Universities throughout the UK including KCL, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Imperial, St George's (and growing!)
	• Idea cofounded by Dr Deeban Ratneswaren, PhD student at KCL and junior doctor at Guy's and St Thomas' → founder of Osler's Room

Roles available:
	1. Project collection
		a. Spread to word to your academic supervisors, tutors and university
	2. Blogger 
		a. Write blogs on anything research or medical related
		b. Write blogs on applying to medical school

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