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Physical Injury: Concepts and Terminology

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In addition to such complications as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, osteolysis, osteonecrosis, many of the osteochondroses, neuropathic osteoarthropathy, heterotopic bone formation, and infection, physical trauma may lead to a variety of radiographic abnormalities. The radiographic characteristics of fractures in the various skeletal sites are explained on the basis of biomechanical principles. Special types of injuries include pathologic, stress, greenstick, torus, bowing, and transchondral fractures; trabecular microfractures; and osseous infractions accompanying subluxations and dislocations. The precise cause of osteochondritis dissecans is not clear, but trauma is suspected. Trauma to synovial joints may lead to synovitis, hemarthrosis, and lipohemarthrosis; trauma to symphyses may result in intraosseous cartilaginous displacement (cartilaginous nodes); trauma to synchondroses may cause variable patterns of acute or chronic growth plate injury; and trauma to supporting structures, syndesmoses, and entheses may lead to tendinous and ligamentous laceration and disruption, avulsion, and diastasis. A variety of skeletal muscle alterations are related to physiologic stress and acute or chronic injury. Characteristic skeletal abnormalities also appear in abused children.

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