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The osteochondroses are a heterogeneous group of disorders that are usually characterized by fragmentation and sclerosis of an epiphyseal or apophyseal center in an immature skeleton. Reossification and reconstitution of osseous contour may be evident in some cases. These disorders can be divided into three major categories: (1) conditions characterized by primary or secondary osteonecrosis; (2) conditions related to trauma or abnormal stress, without evidence of osteonecrosis; and (3) conditions that represent variations in normal patterns of ossification. In some cases, a definite pathogenesis cannot be identified.

The candidate will learn the mechanics of putting together an electronic poster presentation in lecture type format.
This will be an official peer-reviewed publication.
The publication will be a favorable addition to the candidate's CV.
The candidate will be the first author, and I am the second author.
A candidate is not limited to completing one project. He/she can do as many as they like! (There are always topics to teach about)
The candidate, myself, King's College Hospital Department of Radiology and King's College all benefit from this publication.
Dennis K. Bielecki, MD
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