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KCL Remarxs committee

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Remarxs is a national research database which stores and distributes active research projects to student cohorts around the country. Currently we are working with 60+ students to develop this initiative and have 3000+ student subscribers (which is rapidly growing). 

The vision is to give any medical student, no matter their background, an accessible way into medical research during their studies. As a student you can apply to active academic opportunities (and much more in the not so distant future)! 

We are looking for a core committee to support our GKT medical school community in the following positions: 

Academic liaison:
This involves sourcing projects, networking with leading clinicians and academics.

Social media representative: 
This involves handling the KCL Remarxs social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), raising awareness about this initiative and the projects available.

Content Producer: 
This involves blogging, providing teaching opportunities and developing the Remarxs by providing feedback from an ethical and technological point of view.

If you're interested in joining the team Apply below. Limited places for the time being.
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