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Heavy Metal Poisoning and Deficiency

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In some cases of heavy metal poisoning, radiodense lines or bands may appear in the metaphyses of tubular bones and within flat or irregular bones. The resulting radiographic findings, which are characteristically observed in lead, phosphorus, and bismuth poisoning, must be differentiated from normal variants, stress lines of Park or Harris, and changes in various metabolic, endocrine, and infectious disorders. Significant radiographic abnormalities are also observed in the aluminum accumulation that accompanies dialysis and in nutritional or inherited deficiencies of copper. Finally, metal debris (metallosis) may complicate joint surgery.

The candidate will learn the mechanics of putting together an electronic poster presentation in lecture type format.
This will be an official peer-reviewed publication.
The publication will be a favorable addition to the candidate's CV.
The candidate will be the first author, and I am the second author.
A candidate is not limited to completing one project. He/she can do as many as they like! (There are always topics to teach about)
The candidate, myself, King's College Hospital Department of Radiology and King's College all benefit from this publication.
Dennis K. Bielecki, MD
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