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DRIFT 3D - Detection of rib fractures on paediatric CT studies using a novel 3D imaging technique

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We have previously published a paper in the Lancet detailing how radiologists are able to better visualise rib fractures in children on chest CT than chest radiographs. This has important implications given that rib fractures may be a sign of child abuse. 

Recently we have started to trial a new 3D rendering tool (cinematic rendering) to help perform photorealistic images of our CT cases. We would like to know if this tool helps further improve the accuracy of CT interpretation of rib fractures. 

We are looking for motivated, keen radiology registrars/fellows (ST3+) based at GOSH to help co-ordinate this multi-centre, multi-reader study for diagnostic accuracy assessment of this rendering tool. (DO NOT APPLY if you do not fit this criteria). We have ethical approval, consent from recruited readers and have the case images ready. 

Key outcome:
This project will result in a peer reviewed publication in a radiology specific journal.
Dr Susan Shelmerdine
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Child Abuse Paediatrics
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